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The Trouble of the Rings Jetzt auf DVD!
Fellowship Art Group

The Trouble of the Rings © Fellowship Art Group and A.Si.D Studio. With authorization by ALTLOTR.RU
Last Update: 08/19/2011


About the Project
The 4 Hobbits: Sam, Pippin, Frodo & Merry NEW On July 15th 2012, there was a screening of Trouble of the Rings 2: The Towers at the TolkienThing 2012 of the German Tolkien Society.
NEW On July 16th 2011, there was a screening of Trouble of the Rings: Fellowship at the TolkienThing 2011 of the German Tolkien Society.
NEW All the three movies are available online at Vimeo now.
During the Ring*Con, the German LotR convention, there will be a screening of "The Trouble of the Rings 2" on Friday, November 11th, at 10pm. The producer Elena Dorokhina (Bilbo Baggins) and the composer Vladimir Alimin (Legolas) will be attending.
In the new section "Songs" there are some goodies available for download: 1 Song, 3 MIDI Files and 3 song lyrics.
The report on the Ring*Con Screening of TOTR3 can be found here.
Once upon a time there was a Russian forum, which was dedicated to Peter Jackson's movie version of The Lord of the Rings. Shortly after the first part of his trilogy was released in Russian movie theatres, the fans started to discuss the many changes which Jackson has put into Tolkien's story. At one point came the idea to create an own fan movie. And so was born the Fellowship Art Group, a bunch of creative people who set on a quest to recreate Peter Jackson's vision in form of a parody.
The uncommercial project, which was only possible through the support and enthusiasm of the fans, grew in the 3 years of making to an own journey to Middle-Earth. And as a result, three movies with the running time of 75 minutes each, were made. The plot is very close to Jackson's original movies, because these films are a loving parody to Jackson's screen version. Even the film score has been composed by the makers, with very few respectful hommages to Howard Shore's Academy-Award-winning music.  
The credit sequences should be mentioned specially. Those are showing "Behind-the-Scenes" footage, including bad takes and rehearsals. On the international DVD, Parts 2 and 3 even have some yummy surprise - the end credits can be viewed in English or in Russian. This was however not possible in Part 1, because due to data loss, the end credits sequence is only available in Russian.
If you have any questions to The Trouble of the Rings, you can write to the following mail address of the Fellowship Art Group: If you have any Europe-related questions about TOTR or this page, write:
  • The TOTR Trilogy Supertrailer has been awarded as "Best Parody" at Ring*Con 2004. ( Download the trailer )

    The Trouble of the Rings: The Fellowship
    Everything began, as Sauron forged the Ring of Power. By a stupid chance the Ring always kept getting lost by all of its owners - until it fell into the hands of the Hobbit Frodo Baggins. So, Gandalf the Grey sent him to an ero... exotic journey to Bree. However, the Forces of Evil don't sleep. The power-hungry buzinesswizard Sarumom tries to take part in the aggressive expansion and globalisation plans of the mighty conglomerate of Mordor, to which the Ring is the key to success. And the 8 1/2 Nazgul are already afoot, hunting for the Ring....
    The principal photography for Part 1 started in summer of 2002 and took just 10 days. The casting had to be inventive: the forum of is much more populated by female visitors. So the four hobbits, Saruman (here: Sarumom), Lurtz, Boromir and many others are played by female actors. However, Tom Bombadil's wife Goldberry is played by a man.
    The transport means of the cast has to be redesigned as well. Instead of horses, the 8 1/2 Nazgul are riding bicycles, Glorfindel's Arwen's horse Asfaloth is a bicycle "Salyut", and the pony Bill is a scooter.
    Running time: 75 Min.
    • Watch The Trouble of the Rings: The Fellowship online (
    • TOTR1 trailer (RealMedia, 11mb)
    • Photo Gallery "Behind the Scenes" (Official Site)
    The 4 hobbits are hiding from Nazgul No. 8 1/2
    The Great River

    The Trouble of the Rings 2: The Towers
    The Fellowship is broken. Frodo and Sam have to go to Mordor alone. They receive assistance from Gollum (who is, according to Sam's diagnosis, absolutely schizophrenic), who sometimes behaves like some strange tour guide. Meanwhile, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli have to rescue the other two hobbits from Sarumom's Uruk-Hai. At the end, they have to confront the host of Sarumom's orcs in the battle of Helm's Crap...
    One year after Part 1 the makers and the actors met again to make fun of the second movie by PJ. The "Fellowship" crew, who never ever had any movie-making experience before the project, has made serious improvements in editing and camera work. The approach, too, was much more professional, than in Part 1. And the results are as well.
    In Part 2 the actor playing Gimli has changed. Besides, the actress who played Boromir returns as Faramir, the gorgeous Captain of Gondor.
    Laufzeit: 75 Min.
    • Watch The Trouble of the Rings 2: The Towers online (
    • TOTR2 Trailer (DivX, 14mb)
    • Photo Gallery "Behind the Scenes: Helm's Crap" (Official Site)
    Aragorn and Gimli are listening, what Legolas' elven ears hear.
    Sam, Frodo & Gollum are hiding from the Haradrim

    The Trouble of the Rings Returns: King-Size
    The power-hungry businesswizard Sarumom has been defeated, and Helm's Crap saved. Still, the main battle is yet to come. The evil administrator of Mordor Sauron sends out his armies to wipe out Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor. It is ruled by Denethor the noble Steward of Gondor. And he is more interested in his delicious food and wines than in his son Faramir. Frodo and Sam have to deal with ruthless Gollum who is trying to lay his hands on the Precious....
    The third part of the TOTR trilogy is the most extensive and massive part - like Peter Jackson's original. Battle scenes are more elaborated, sets are more pompous, and in the Coronation scene of Aragorn more than 100 extras have been taking part. Apart from that, more than 6 original songs have been written for this part.
    Minas Tirith has been filmed at the overwhelming main building of the Moscow State University (MGU) during the summer holidays. MGUs corridors already had served as the caves of Moria in Part 1. The Crack of Doom was filmed at an abandoned subway station "Leninskie Gory", a truly spooky place.
    Running Time: 80 Min.
    • Watch The Trouble of the Rings Returns: King-Size online (
    • TOTR3 Trailer (DivX, 11mb)
    • TOTR Trilogy Supertrailer (award as "Best Parody" at Ring*Con 2004) (6mb, DivX)
    • Photo Gallery "Behind the Scenes: Aragorn's Coronation"
    Aragorn enjoys a mug of beer, brought by Eowyn.
    King at last.

    On DVD

    "The Trouble of the Rings" is an uncommercial project by fans of Peter Jackson's work. The entire trilogy with the bonus DVD can be downloaded here: Then you can burn it to 4x DVD-5.


    10th September, "The Trouble of the Rings" has appeared as a Collector's Edition on four DVDs. The first three discs contain the three feature films, and the fourth disc is full with various bonus material. This DVD set has been released in Russia in April 2005 to celebrate the 3rd birthday of the Fellowship Art Group. 10th September it will also become available outside of Russia - completely subtitled in English and German.
    • Running Time: 75+75+80 Min (Feature Films)
    • Picture Format: 4:3 Full Screen
    • Sound: Russian 2.0 Stereo
    • Subtitles: English and German (both films and bonus materials)
    • Color System: PAL
    • Region Code: free (0)
    • Rated: O (Restricted for Orcs)
    • Bonus material on the Film DVDs
      - Audio Commentaries of the makers
      - Trailers for each part of the trilogy
      - Ring*Con 2004 Trailer
      - Behind the Scenes: "How it was"
      - On TOTR2 und TOTR3: bilingual end credits (Russian/English)
      - Animated menus with music
    • Bonus Materials on the Bonus DVD
      - Making of: "The Trouble of the Rings: The Road Goes Ever On..." (appr. 30 Min)
      - "Moscow As Middle-Earth": Interactive Atlas of Locations
      - "Our Fellowship" - Interview Featurette
      - "All Of You Are Worthy, All Of You Are Great": Music Video About the Mass Extras
      - TV Report About the Filming (Russian TV)
      - TV Interview (NBC EUROPE)
      - TOTR1: Premiere Report
      - TOTR2: Outtakes - "Theoden's Kitchen", "Crow's Drink"
      - TOTR3: Casting Auditions
      - Photo Gallery
      - Promotion Gallery
      - Complete Credits List


    Concept Art
    [ Menu Shot (Bonus Disc) ]
    Single DVDs

       Collector's Edition
    • Running Time: 75 Min
    • Picture Format: 4:3 Full Frame
    • Sound: Russian 2.0 Stereo
    • Subtitles: English, German
    • Color System: PAL
    • Region Code: free (0)
    • Rated: O (Restricted for Orcs)
    • Chapters: 8
    • Bonus Features (with German and English subtitles):
      - Audio Commentary with the Producer, the Director, the Sound Director and the Executive Producer
      -Behind The Scenes Clip "How It Was"
      -Trailer for Part 1
      -Ring*Con 2004 Trailer
    • Animated Menus With Music

    [ Menu Shot (Main Menu) ] [ Screenshot ]
    [ Credits ]
    This DVD is only available in the 4 Disc Collector's Box Set

       Collector's Edition
    • Running Time: 75 Min
    • Picture Format: 4:3 Full Frame
    • Sound: Russian 2.0 Stereo
    • Subtitles: English, German
    • Color System: PAL
    • Region Code: free (0)
    • Rated: O (Restricted for Orcs)
    • Chapters: 8
    • End Credits in Russian and English (changeable through the menu)
    • Bonus Features (with German and English subtitles):
      Audio Commentary with the Producer, the Director, the Sound Director and the Executive Producer
      -Behind The Scenes Clip "How It Was"
      -2 Trailer for Part 2
      -Ring*Con 2004 Trailer
    • Animated Menus With Music

    [ Menu Shot (Sound Menu) ] [ Screenshot ]
    [ English Credits ]
    [ Russian Credits ]
    This DVD is only available in the 4 Disc Collector's Box Set

              Collector's Edition
    • Running Time: 80 Min
    • Picture Format: 4:3 Full Frame
    • Sound: Russian 2.0 Stereo
    • Subtitles: English, German
    • Color System: PAL
    • Region Code: free (0)
    • Rated: O (Restricted for Orcs)
    • Chapters: 24
    • End Credits in Russian and English (changeable through the menu)
    • Bonus Features (with German and English subtitles):
      -Audio Commentary with the Producer, the Director, the Sound Director and the Executive Producer
      -Behind The Scenes Clip "How It Was"
      -Trailer for Part 3
      -Ring*Con 2004 Trailer
    • Animated Menus With Music

    [ Menu Shot (Bonus Menu) ] [ Screenshot ]
    [ English Credits ]
    [ Russian Credits ]
    This DVD is only available in the 4 Disc Collector's Box Set


    For the "Trouble of the Rings" Trilogy, over 2.5 hours of original music has been written and recorded by TGR (Vladimir Alimin) and Iolly (Elena Pevcheva). The instrument range is also impressive for an amateur project like this: violins, harp, cello, guitar, synthesizer... With each part, the music got more atmospheric and interesting. Here we have made a small selection of the songs from the trilogy for download, just so you can get the impression.
    • Intro Theme "Don't Think" (Ne dumay) (MP3, 160 kbps, instrumental)
    We also offer a selection of some little tidbits as MIDI-files, which also are suitable for usage as ringtones.
    • "Don't Think" (Ent Dance Version)     "Nazgul Chase"     "Pathetic Song About War"
    Also as MMF ringtones with vibration:
    • "Don't Think" (Ent Dance Version)     "Nazgul Chase"     "Pathetic Song About War"
    But this is not everything. For the TOTR trilogy the makers recalled the good values of Tolkien who used a lot of songs and poems in his books. Peter Jackson went way off from this approach, but the Fellowship Art Group wanted to restore historical justice here as well - so many songs were specially written for the TOTR trilogy. The first movie has 3 songs; the second one has one song; and the third has a whole load of 8 original songs! Every song text has been translated in German and English with subtitles. Here we have a little preview of the songs: here you can read the lyrics to one song from each part.
    The Trouble of the Rings 1: The Fellowship
    • Hobbit-Rap
    Lyrics by: Viktor Alimin
    Music by: Vladimir "TGR" Alimin
    English by: Water Lily
    The Trouble of the Rings 2: The Towers
    • Gollum's Song
    Lyrics and Music by: Elena Pevcheva
    English by: Lindalae
    The Trouble of the Rings Returns: King-Size
    • Heroic Song
    Lyrics by: Elena "Ldora" Dorokhina
    Music by: Vladimir "TGR" Alimin
    English by: Water Lily
    The Music from the "Trouble of the Rings" movies is composed originally for these movies and is not liable to any fees by IFPI or GEMA. Online publicatin with authorization by the authors and the Fellowship Art Group

    Here you can find the posters and video covers for the TOTR Trilogy.

    Video Cover TOTR1

    Video Cover TOTR2

    Video Cover TOTR3

    Theatrical Poster TOTR3

    Theatrical Poster TOTR3

    Theatrical Poster TOTR3

    Theatrical Poster TOTR3

    Theatrical Poster TOTR3

    Theatrical Poster TOTR3

    Theatrical Poster TOTR3

    Theatrical Poster TOTR3


    Following the example of the great original "Lord of the Rings", at "The Trouble of the Rings" there is also a locations map. This map is called "Moscow as Middle-Earth" and can be downloaded here in English and Russian. On the map, Moscow locations and the corresponding places from the movie are pointed out.
    Moscow as Middle-Earth
    Russian Map
    • 640x480
    • 800x600
    • 1024x768
    Moscow as Middle-Earth
    English Map
    • 640x480
    • 800x600
    • 1024x768


    It is quite a painstaking job to try to translate Russian humour to suit international tastes. And finding a good translation for a pun or a gag was pretty hard, but we had tried it as good we could. Here are some quotes from the English subtitles for "The Trouble of the Rings". For German quotes, check out the German section of this page.
    TOTR 1:
    Frodo: Gandalf, no, no, don't turn me into anything creepy!
    Sam: Turn me, if you have to!
    Gandalf: You're creepy enough.


    Hobbits: We have to rush, have you seen any of those scary, black guys?
    Goldberry: You mean Barrow-Downs? That's all that's left of them all.


    Sarumom: Ah, my friend, that's so outdated. Lots of things have changed recently. Mordor controls the power of Middle-Earth. It owns all major media, industrial corporations and financial institutions. The only way to survive is to join the one who's got the power. Oh no, we will not serve the evil. We will be... consultants. Well-paid consultants. And the Ring will be our key to success.
    Gandalf: Why did my friend Sarumom abandon Valinor corporate values for Mordor?


    Strider: This is Weathertop. There used to be a great pub. There's still beer bottles all over the place.


    Witchking: Give up the halfling, she-elf.
    Arwen: Dad says I shouldn't talk to Nazgul strangers.


    Boromir: Ah, it's a gift for my birthda... I mean, a gift to the foes of Mordor.


    Gimli: The Gates of Moria!
    Boromir: In Minas Tirith we have better gates.


    Frodo: Do you want my Ring?
    Galadriel: The Ring? Alas, Article 18 clause 7 prohibits importing rings of power to Valinor.


    Aragorn: Mordor customs patrol the eastern shore. There's a chance to escape them while it's dark. And we've got no visas, remember? And we haven't custom-cleared the Ring, either.


    TOTR 2:
    Aragorn: This is Rohan. We need to be careful from now on. We're homeless, jobless and have no papers.


    Eomer: I can't stand this. They've ruined our harvest, they foul up our highways, they steal our horses! They even killed Theodred!


    Legolas: An Elvish prince does not require documents.
    Aragorn: This you're going to explain in the police department.


    Gimli: But have you seen our friends - hobbits? They are like children.
    Eomer: Children should stay home at night.


    Grima: My Lord, Gandalf has come again. You'd better send him away.
    Theoden: Gandalf, go away. (to Grima) I sent him away.
    Grima: You are a great King, Sire!


    Arwen: I love you, darling.
    Aragorn: Same crap here, Arwen.


    Gollum: Hobbitses have stolen our Preciouss.
    Faramir: What's Precious? Gold?
    Gollum: Yess, it's golden, it's beautiful, my Preciouss.
    Faramir: Actually, we take the gold from the rich and give it to the poor.
    Gollum: I am poor, I am very, very poor!


    Sam: What do you think, Mr. Frodo, will we ever be put in legends or tales?
    Frodo: Of course. We'll even be put in a book. And they might shoot another movie as well.
    Sam: And it will get 11 Academy Awards!


    TOTR 3:
    Pippin: Gandalf, just imagine – they called me a marauder!
    Gandalf: Judging by the objects you’re carrying, you are a marauder alright.


    Aragorn: By the way – what news of Frodo?
    Gandalf: Frodo Lives!
    Theoden: Gandalf for President!


    Legolas: I feel, darkness is growing!
    Aragorn: Legolas, it is middle of the night!
    Legolas: The stars are veiled.
    Aragorn: Legolas, you’re under a roof!
    Legolas: The Dark Lord is sleepless!
    Aragorn: What is he thinking. It’s time for bed.


    Faramir: Father! Osgiliath is taken!
    Denethor: Really? And who’s taken it?
    Pippin: Not me!


    Gollum: And if you look this way...
    Frodo: Palace de Triomphe!
    Gollum: No, Minas Morgul. Unique interiors of the First Age. Unfortunately, closed for reconstruction.


    Denethor: Tell me, my dear Beregond, what word is up in the streets?
    Beregond: Enemy forces are at the walls of Minas Tirith, Sire!
    Denethor: Are they many?
    Beregond: Many as hell, Sire!
    Denethor: How very interesting. And what are they saying?
    Beregond: They don't talk much, Sire. They are mostly throwing rocks at us.
    Denethor: What are we doing, then?
    Beregond: We respond in the same manner, Sire!
    Denethor: And who is winning?
    Beregond: Hard to see, Sire. There's smoke everywhere.
    Denethor: Just like children.


    Gollum: Nassty hobbit always accuses uss. It’s not my fault! It’s his fault! It was him who put Faramir on our trail. And he tolds them about the Ring. And he ates all the food, and drank all the water. And he sends messages to the orcses every day!
    Sam: You’re lying!
    Frodo: And he started the war? He commands over the Black Riders. It was him! He flooded Numenor. Closed Valinor. He destroyed Osgiliath!
    Sam: I can’t recall doing such things, Mr. Frodo. It wasn’t me.
    Frodo: No, it is you, Sam. You cut all the woods. You stomped on all the grass. You killed rabbits. Because of you, polar caps melt and ozone holes appear. Everything is screwed up because of you. Go home.
    Sam: It cannot be -- that it's all my fault.
    Frodo: Go home, Sam. You are not a gardener to me anymore.
    Sam: I destroyed Osgiliath, too?

    Pippin: Gandalf, what happens if we get captured?
    Gandalf: There will be orcs.
    Pippin: And else?
    Gandalf: Then there will be haradrim belly dancers.
    Pippin: Dancers?.. But it’s not too bad, Gandalf!
    Gandalf: No, not bad at all.


    Polly (Polina Bykova)
    Archi (Anna Kazanskaya)
    Privetka (Marina Podhodtseva)
    Oduvanchik (Polina Artsis)
    Fanton (Anton Filyushkin)
    Min Cao (Viktor Strigun)
    TGR (Vladimir Alimin)
    Sniff (Alexey Kopeykin, TOTR1) /
    Diano (Diana Latysheva, TOTR2+3)
    Grampasso (Alexandra Putrya)
    Also Starring:
    8 1/2nd Nazgul
    Aliks (Aleksandra Antonenko)
    Johan (Ivan Serebrennikov)
    Jerry Starheaven (Oleg Gorobets)
    Aile (Alina Tsyganova)
    Dudette (Svetlana Putrenko)
    Little Mu (Anna Pavlyuk)
    Aleksander Fedin
    Joslin (Marina Pavlova)
    Fidel (Sergey Lobov)
    Ldora (Elena Dorokhina)
    Silv (Elsa Yaskovskaya)
    Sare (Maria Rachinskaya)
    Maiwen (Natalya Kiseleva)
    and many more...
    The Crew
    Music By: TGR (Vladimir Alimin)
    Iolly (Elena Pevcheva)
    The Band „Disen Gage“ (Additional Music for TOTR2)
    Editing: Amor (Lyubov Fadeeva)
    Ldora (Elena Dorokhina)
    TGR (Vladimir Alimin)
    Special Effects: Amor (Lyubov Fadeeva)
    Ldora (Elena Dorokhina)
    TGR (Vladimir Alimin)
    Sound Design & Directing: TGR (Vladimir Alimin)
    English Translation: Part 1: Aliks, JMie, Water Lily
    Part 2: Water Lily, Lindalae
    Part 3: TheHutt
    Songs & Poems: TheHutt, Water Lily
    Bonus Material: TheHutt
    Produced By: Ldora (Elena Dorokhina)
    Directed By: Cap Solo (Natalia Polyanskaya)

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    "The Trouble of the Rings" is basing on the film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" by Peter Jackson and is slightly inspired by J.R.R.Tolkien's book "The Lord of the Rings". © Fellowship Art Group, 2002-2005.
    The sale of the "Trouble of the Rings" Trilogy is solely private, to the price of the manufacturing. No guarantee is given. The sale is authorized by the Fellowship Art Group. All the materials on this page are copyrighted by international laws. No responsibility is taken for the contents of external links. In "The Trouble of the Rings" the fonts "Ringbearer" and "Aniron" by Pete Klassen are used. This usage is explicitely permitted by the author.